Alpha Design Studio

Branding & Identity

Your Brand Identity design can be the key to “success”. So let’s Alpha Design Studio be a part of your success.  

We provide our clients with high quality of creative branding with distinct. An identity is much more than a logo and a name. So, we put a lot of effort to design a unique personalization for each organization to have a powerful and strong communication to its audients.

Graphic Design & CAD

The visual impact of quality graphic design is important in every marketing. Then, we willing to strive to design your vision and imagination with our creativity.  We would like to deliver graphic works with our visual knowledge, together with marketing research and give an importance to information and communication.

Website Design

Alpha Design is willing to be a part in designing your website, to make it become visually appealing and functional for a great consumer response. We believed that an effective website must have powerful communication to audience and exhibit a good characteristic of appearance.

Product and Packaging Design

We create a product design works with passion and ambition. Every designing processes is adapted according to each different kind of products. We tend to study and do research to get deep understanding for the product itself to fulfil need of the user.